About Organisation


In order to ensure planned development in capital city Agartala and other towns in Tripura, the State Government felt it necessary to create a dedicated and professional organisation for the said purpose. Accordingly the Urban Development Department brought Tripura Urban planning & Development Bill in the Assembly Session of November 2018 in which the Bill was passed and enacted as the Tripura Urban Planning and Development Act -2018.

As per the provisions of the Tripura Urban Planning and Development Act -2018, Tripura Urban Planning and Development Authority (TUDA) has been constituted on 30th January 2019 with the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tripura as Chairman of the Authority. Secretary In Charge Urban Development Department is the Vice Chairman and Commissioner is the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. As of now TUDA has established its office in the Directorate of the Urban Development Department.

In Tripura, there are about 1.25 lakh government employees mostly teachers, police and other ministerial staff etc apart from rapidly growing privates and PSU sector. Most of these employees need affordable home in Agartala city or other town areas so as to avail facilities of better education for children, better urban and civic amenities, better job opportunity and better and secured living style.

As of now some efforts have been taken by the individual private developers to create apartments for citizens in Agartala city but due to acute shortage, prices of apartments are shooting up. TUDA is now working along with the Urban Development Department to weed out the lacunae in the present system so as to promote multi-storey, earthquake resilient, modern, eco friendly, townships in Agartala and other towns.
Recently Urban Development Department has amended the Tripura Building Rules -2017 facilitate construction of high rise multi-storey apartments in safe and secure manner in urban areas.

TUDA will be working with utmost transparency and accountability and will set standard procedures and protocol for day to day working. All tenders will be floated online (e-tendering mode) as per DFPRT and the technical criteria for selections of bidders will be made as objective as possible so as to rule out subjectivity in the selection process
TUDA will be working along with the private developers and promoter in the State who are duly registered under Real Estate Regulatory Authority under Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 for planned developed of urban areas and development of satellite urban townships in Agartala and other towns.

Initially as per the decision from the Tripura Urban Planning and Development Board, TUDA will develop townships on some of the vacant government lands in and around Agartala city.
Also TUDA has started the process of preparation of GIS based land use master-plans for Agartala and all other urban towns and planning areas surrounding urban agglomerations.
TUDA will strive for planned development for systematic and sustainable urbanisation in Tripura in coming future .